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Other language pairs available upon request
SEGA: "You are faster than Sonic! It's easy to read, and you clearly have experience with these types of texts."

Recent projects

  • Dota 2 (Japanese)
  • Beat Cop (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Motorsport Manager (Dutch)
  • SEGA's official website (Dutch)
  • Multiple AAA titles for Electronic Arts (Dutch)
  • Gremlins Inc. (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Punch Club (Japanese)
  • Arma 3 and Argo (Japanese)
  • Satellite Reign (6 languages)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Dutch)

  • Main Dutch language consultant for Electronic Arts 2010-2017.
  • Translation of all press releases, game packagings and national TV commercials for SEGA.
  • Localization of help files for Valve Corporation.
  • Localization of games for Bohemia Interactive.
  • Localization of games for Charlie Oscar.
  • Translation of all press releases and game manuals for Bigben Interactive (Square Enix/Turtle Beach).
  • Localization of websites, games and Xbox LIVE for Microsoft.
  • Translation of websites, games and national TV commercials for Electronic Arts.
  • Translation of package texts for Nordic Games.
  • Translation of website texts for Codemasters.
  • Translation of all game cards for NCSoft.
Recent projects

Below please find an overview of recent projects I have done, by either translating stuff or managing projects.

Working with Marek Ziemak, former producer of The Witcher I-III, was an incredible honor.

This is a video of Beat Cop, a game we localized to Japanese and Chinese, including reviews and player responses. This took 3 months of our lives. There was no client budget to test the localization before release, but fortunately no issues were found (besides two complaints about the font, which is not pixelated like the rest of the game and which has several kerning issues). Then again, we weren't even consulted about the font choice in the first place...

We're not perfect though: we found one spelling error no player has noticed yet. There's probably more, but this ain't a bad score for 80,000 words and two languages after one week of playing!


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