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Other language pairs available upon request
Electronic Arts: "We couldn't live without you anymore."

Recent projects

  • EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 (Dutch)
  • Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
  • EA SPORTS™ F1® 23 (Dutch)
  • Multiple AAA titles for Electronic Arts (Dutch)
  • Someday You'll Return: Director's Cut (Japanese)
  • Stray (Dutch)
  • Syberia: The World Before (Dutch)
  • Arma Reforger (Japanese)
  • Cyber Shadow (Simplified/Traditional Chinese)
  • Pathway (Japanese and Chinese)
  • DayZ (Japanese)
  • Draugen (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Swag and Sorcery (Japanese, Chinese and Korean)
  • Return of the Obra Dinn (Simplified/Traditional Chinese and Korean)
  • Graveyard Keeper (Japanese, Chinese and Korean)
  • Moonlighter (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Beat Cop (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Dota 2 (Japanese)
  • Motorsport Manager (Dutch)
  • Gremlins Inc. (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Punch Club (Japanese)
  • Arma 3 (Japanese)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Dutch)

You are probably familiar with the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. And that is exactly what I will do.

My rate is 0.10 euro per word. That's it. It couldn't be easier. How I maintain such a low rate? Because simply, I know my stuff and focus purely on game translation. I don't need to research terms or use dictionaries... I know what I'm translating about. On the other hand, I'm professional enough to contact you right away when I'm not entirely sure about something (especially when translating context-sensitive strings in user interfaces - you don't want to know how many meanings a simple word like get can have)!

Easy updates

But there's more. Did you ever get annoyed because your string file had to be updated for the umptieth time, ensuring that you needed to spend hours and hours separating already translated strings from new strings? There's no need to do that anymore. I have special software which does this automatically. You only need to send me the updated file. The previous translations will be filled in on the fly, leaving only the new or updated strings for translation.

That means you do not need to pay twice for strings that have already been translated before.

No administrative margins

You might prefer doing business with localization agencies in big glass buildings, run by project managers whose only job is to check whether all translators deliver their work on time. That way you pay twice if not thrice as much money for the very same product. The same product yes, because most of these agencies outsource their work to me anyway.

There is no need to keep me in check, because I always deliver on time. During my 29-year career as a translator, I have translated millions of words and thousands of files. Only 3 files were delivered one hour late. That is close to 0 late deliveries per year.

And since I don't have expensive project managers working for me or expect you to pay for the decoration of my office, you always get the lowest rates possible. Oh, of course, some people have even lower rates. I challenge you to have them do a test translation. Compare it and you will be convinced. Guaranteed.

Only one condition

My rate is low enough as it is, so I'd appreciate it if any invoices sent are paid within 30 days. That's my one and only condition. If you can live with that, we may become friends for life.

"My Dutch translations of press releases are often published in their original, unedited form in national newspapers."




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