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Other language pairs available upon request
"IGN Japan: So natural and funny, that you start wondering whether the Japanese translation is not actually the original."

Recent projects

  • EA SPORTS™ F1® 24 (Dutch)
  • Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
  • EA SPORTS™ F1® 23 (Dutch)
  • Multiple AAA titles for Electronic Arts (Dutch)
  • Someday You'll Return: Director's Cut (Japanese)
  • Stray (Dutch)
  • Syberia: The World Before (Dutch)
  • Arma Reforger (Japanese)
  • Cyber Shadow (Simplified/Traditional Chinese)
  • Pathway (Japanese and Chinese)
  • DayZ (Japanese)
  • Draugen (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Swag and Sorcery (Japanese, Chinese and Korean)
  • Return of the Obra Dinn (Simplified/Traditional Chinese and Korean)
  • Graveyard Keeper (Japanese, Chinese and Korean)
  • Moonlighter (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Beat Cop (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Dota 2 (Japanese)
  • Motorsport Manager (Dutch)
  • Gremlins Inc. (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Punch Club (Japanese)
  • Arma 3 (Japanese)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Dutch)

Unique Selling Points

Find out how to increase your game revenue and market share by learning the difference between localization and Loekalization.

Loekalization is a dynamic and dedicated team of translators from diverse backgrounds, including Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Specializing in game localization, our passion for gaming is evident as many of us are not only avid gamers but also game developers. This unique blend of linguistic prowess, cultural insights, and firsthand gaming experience positions us perfectly to bridge the gap between game developers and players worldwide. At Loekalization, we translate more than just words; we translate experiences, ensuring gamers, regardless of their language, can fully immerse themselves in the worlds we help bring to life.

Wannabe developer: Our team leader, Loek, is delving into the world of game development to better understand developers. For more information, visit Dragonception.

Experienced: Loek is among the few full-time game translators in Holland operating professionally, boasting over 29 years of full-time translation experience, equivalent to 45,240,000 words or 150,800 pages.

Incorporated: A subsidiary of Akebono Translation Service.

Reasonably priced: Rates are only 0.10 euro (English-Dutch)/0.13 euro (English-Japanese/Chinese) per word.

Fast: We can translate several thousands of words per day.

Reliable: We adhere strictly to the glossaries of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Knowledgeable: Our team is familiar with both game terminology and legalese (think user agreements).

No extra charges for updates: You only pay for new strings.

No need to track changes and updates: Our software automatically tracks changes and updates for you.

The best after-sales: Our commitment doesn't end once we've translated your game. For an entire month post-release, we diligently monitor all reviews on Steam and across the internet, providing daily feedback on potential areas for improvement.

"We are not just your translators. If you hire us, we will become devoted fans of your product. We will love it, adore it, show total dedication, and ensure that the localized version is absolutely flawless."





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